Friday, April 15, 2011

!!!!DrAgOn BoAt!!!!

Dragon Boat is sort of the latest sport in our country and its different towards other sporting activities.Dragon Boat consists of a maximum of 18-20 paddlers on a boat shaped as a dragon, with each of the paddlers holding a paddle ready to race!You would mostly see Dragon Boating at the Waterfront or Canal Walk.I personally paddle for a team called .....WARRIORS.....and i love them to bits.Warriors are like my second family and the experience of being on the water is unbelievable.Being on the water is just something new,its a wet and wild sport so if you aint up for it or very over your hair then i dont think this is for you hahaha.Its adventourous and you get different kinds of strokes such as long,normal,power,build-up and accelerate.Our practise sessions are on a Wednesday and a Saturday normally.This sport is a stress rieliever from schooling and other situations i'm going threw.We compete in various competetions such as the march event and every year near May the competeions take place in Johannesburg for over a period of 5-6 days max.Our next comptetion is this up coming Saturday at Waterfront at round about 10:30 for 11am where we will be racing 500m races.On Youth day which is the 16th of June will be our next main competetion where some teams from all over will be racing,the situation of the race is still unknown but will be discovered soon!Now its off to compete tomorrow.

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