Friday, May 20, 2011

KeEp YoUr FaCe Up!!!!!

I've experienced many obsticles in life until one day i finally opened my eyes.When i was younger and my daddy started taking me to church,i always wondered "what was the point of going to church?", "who is this god that they speak of?".I use to think that it was a waste of time and that he doesn't exist.But until 1 important and special day for me.......the day i actually experienced his spirit and presence in church when all the children had to go up for pray!!!This picture says so much because God gives and works in mysterious ways in which we cant see at times.He works through some people to answer our prays but like it says its not what he gives you that counts but how you take care of it that does!!!It all depends on our we treasure and use what God has given to us.Keep your head up high because thats where god is and he is forever watching over you day and night.The shadow that lies behind objects are the devil that is trying to ruin your life bit by bit.The devil fears God and doesn't come out of the dark becuase he fears the light if God.If we are facing issues or anything ask your best freind for advice which is God and just PRAY!!I hope this was as inspirational to you as it was for me.I dont regret meeting God because he has change my life completely.

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