Friday, June 22, 2012


The first time i started at Rlabs the social media 4 teens program i thought it was going to be boring,because some children said we just gonna sit in the class playing on a laptop,then i told to myself they are just talking crap.On a Friday at school i would brag by friends that im going to RLABS.The 1st few fridays we were busy with GMAIL then we started with FACEBOOK.For me facebook was boring because there was boring people on my facebook we also learned how to chat to people on facebook.We started with BLOGGING,at first it was stupid because i wasnt interested in blogging but then the next week,i was ready for action and i realized that blogging is awesome.We learned about FLICKR something i never herd about,flickr is like the best photo album you can get because it dont get full of dust like if you hang photo's on the wall it gets all dusty.I have learned alot from YOUTUBE aswell i never realized that the Social Media 4 Teens would be so awesome.Last but not least TWITTER is so freakin awesome.This is what i think of Rlabs,its cool,awesome,exciting and its a pleasure being here at Rlabs social media 4 teens program.

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