Friday, September 4, 2009

Get to know me!

My name is Keesha Willie, I'm 14 years old my birthday is in the 11th September and I live in Athlone.I like clothes,cars and mostly i like playing playstation and computer games, my best video games are smack down vs raw (06,07,08,09), need4speed. I also like hanging with my friends at school and at home, exspecially hanging with my cuzins. My favorite subjects are Maths, L.O, NS and arts (music,drama). What i love to do the most is dancing, singing and playing softball and more.My mothers name is Melanie,father Deon and little sister Jade and there is another 1 on its way.Latstly my best freinds names are Demi, Shannon, Kauthar, Chelsea and Me! :-) And im very very good at drawing.


  1. Hi gal ur blog is really cool.If u thinking Who is this?Its me opisite u.

  2. lol o hay thanks man me see you :-)