Friday, September 11, 2009

Marbles..and a totally different subject

Hey I always thought marbles was so boring but now its in the fashion ,and i have a whole bag full and i win my friends and they like cross 4me because i'm winning all their marbles.Caitlyne Herringer anyone wants to follow me or add me to their friend box its I attend SunnySide grade 6m, 12 years old and i love soccer but play netballl for my school and trust me netball is so lamn you wont believe me unless you love it or you have played it so basically thats how i am and by the way i'm not girlie so don't think that i am .I love M.J love chocolate love dancing and all tat stuff.And I don't like loose hair unless its special occasions..And slipe ons ewwww man.I do ice skating and i play hockey on ice so don't mess with me because those balls cant get pass me!!!I love play station x box and mxit.My role model is Keri hilsn,Lil wayne and Rihannah,Sellena,demi 2 all my friends and peeps that know me cioa and to all da sistas cya mwasasss.And hope to gey new friends on facebook and twitter .I love chocolate cake.CAITLYNE

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