Friday, October 2, 2009

Dancing and one lesson for people out there

Hi there, the first time I started dancing was two years ago. I started with crump then it went on other kinds of dancing, I have been in shows with my group, but as time went on we got more interested in skateboarding it was great while it lasted and I really want to apply for dancing sessions. A lesson to people out there, never give up what ever you do just never give up, because if you just stick to what ever you are doing you will achieve your goal, When I was skating in the holidays on Monday I went to a school that had seven stairs behind it I tried to jump down the stairs with my skateboard I did it twice but the second time I tried it my ankle got bruise and my friend pushed me back home on my skateboard and my mother went to fetch me crutches at the hospital, today I am still skating and I never gave up so I am never going to give up until I achieve what I want, so the lesson is never give up, remember that.

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