Friday, October 30, 2009


My mother just found out that she is having another girl baby witch made me very cross and sad because now we gona have 5 girls in our family but im still glad that i'll be a sister again.In my family its me,Jade,mommy,the baby witch is Hailey maybe and my foster sister Nicole.Nicole Anthony is my foster sister because my daddy took her in as his foster child.My daddy found her in a shack with 2 other men and her mother was no where to be found so he took her to the police and hopspital to find her mother and to get tests just to check if she is alright and all witch she was thankfully.After that she's been living by us for about a year then we finally found her mother and brother,now she lives by them,she goes to school,but she stills comes to us for weekends and school holidays.

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